Blue Sky Princess

plane spirit


Grumman Goose
Materialized form of the Blue Sky Princess


The Blue Sky Princess was formally the Blue Water Princess, the spirit of the riverboat that Jones used as a hideout and where Anna was killed by Wong Fung. The spirit helped the family find Anna’s body and she helped Anna’s spirit get on the road back to her body. Because of this the family wanted to help her and get her a new physical body since her old one was mostly destroyed. After finding out about the old caretaker the spirit liked that retired to Louisiana and rebuilt an old Grumman Goose, she wanted to be one with his plane. After tracking the plane down and finding out the old man had died, the family got the plane and rebuilt it. Simon called in some favors with some spirits he knows and they helped to re-aspect the spirit to more except the plane body. Not only does she have a new body but she has a pair of fetish engines, Engine One and Engine Two, that have been working well with her.

Blue Sky Princess

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