Howlin' Dawg

Hip Flask and Happy Hour


Dwight Eisenhower “Howlin’ Dawg” Brown

Breed or Type: Unknown!

Howlin’ Dawg has revealed that he is a “Knight of the Spring Court”… with no explanation what that is.

He seemed quite exhausted after giving the unnamed pack a round of deep kisses.


DJ at local radio station, K101.1, The Heart of Soul

Not a member of the pack but Hip Flask and Happy Hour keeps a eye on him.

Speaking about himself:

“Once upon a time, there was a stupid little nigga’. He was at just that right age, where the only thing on his mind was tits. And pussy.

His grand-pappy had gone to war for the white man, and carried ammo to shoot at the Japs. Grand-pappy came back home with a deep, deep case of the red-white-and-blue flu, and he passed it on.

Stupid little nigga’s pappy went into the Navy too, and did laundry for the white man. And he kept on saying that going in was the way to get ahead.

And that little nigga’ figured that’s all there was to his whole future.

One day he and all his family was about to go up to Boston from Philly, to go see Pappy come walkin’ down that gang-plank off his ship. It was Fleet Week of the nation’s bicentennial, and everybody was all charged up.

Well the night before, along comes ‘londa (*). She throwin’ rocks up at the little nigga’s window. Soon as he looks out to see what the fuck, she shows him what she’s got up top.

Down he comes, runnin’ like the stupid fool he is. Ain’t but a few minutes and she’s got him dragged out back behind err’ything and into some bushes. Deeper and deeper. Ain’t but a few minutes more after that that she’s showin’ dat nigga’ the gates of Heaven, and he ain’t of no mind to hold back. She know every single word a young man dat age need to hear to keep him hooked deep.

Wern’t long after that, he find out he lost. Lost and gone, and can’t get out of dem bushes. Got hisself turn’t ‘round and don’t get out for a long long time."

  • Howlin’ Dawg slurs Alonda’s name.

Howlin' Dawg

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