Jimmy Barnes

mechanic at "Parking Deck Garage"


Jimmy is the only other mechanic that works at the Parking Deck Garage owned by Anna. Jimmy is in his late forties, he is married with a son in high school. After Jimmy was stabbed by a ghoul biker that was trying to rob him after closing up the garage one day, he thought he saw Anna and her friends bite, claw, and shoot the ghoul to death before loosing consciousness. After this event he acted uneasy around Anna, after a little while Anna confessed to Jimmy about her true nature and the different supernatural elements in the world around them. It took a while for Jimmy to come to terms with this major change to his reality. Now Jimmy understands all the eccentricities of his boss and is a confidant for Anna when she need to clear her mind. To Anna, Jimmy is family. He is a stable level head she can rely on in her crazy world.


Jimmy Barnes

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