Shark (Group)

Vampire pirates of New Orleans


The Shark is named after the pirate ship upon which they all served in the 1700s.

Grounded in New Orleans sometime after their undeath, they retained their cruel pirate demeanor.

The Shark is the most powerful group of vampires in New Orleans. The leader of The Shark is also the Prince of New Orleans, though he prefers to be addressed as “Commodore” or “Contre-amiral”.

The Shark prefers to focus on their own business and projects. They are known to cultivate disposable groups of vampires, and sometimes werewolves, for their own ends. They also own a high-end club called Shark, which is a private club for the vastly wealthy.

The Shark is:
Edward Bonney, the Commodore of New Orleans
Martin Tew, his enforcer
Samuel Lowther, whom we know little about
Anne Grenville, whom we know little about

The club called Shark also has:
Steve, the maitre’d
David, the head chef

The Shark dominates at least these other groups of Vampires in New Orleans:
La Rive, a trio of courtesans
Claude Fontaine, an independent security expert
The “shades”, any number of gangs of street-vampires, kept warring among themselves and harvested by The Shark. Many of them are college students or transients.
Backatown Gang, similar to the shades, but running from the City Park to the Causeway.
Jefferson Society, a Coterie of Nosferatu in the Jefferson and Elmwood Town areas. They are led and protected by someone known as Saint Anne.


Shark (Group)

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