Simon Darkstep

Coyote shaman


Simon Darkstep is a member of the unnamed Pack.

His real name is seldom given, but was revealed in his Prologue to be Augustus Galen Thorn.

Simon is a Nuwisha, one of the Changing Breeds of Fera. His Nauhal is that of Coyote, the wise trickster, the hunter who teaches instead of slays.

His easygoing, carefree demeanor belies his intent. He is always scheming, and always attentive to opportunities. Still, his friends are a treasure to him – they were the first to accept him for what he is, instead of imposing upon him their own wishes and rules. Woe to whoever crosses that line and hurts one of Simon’s own.

Simon realizes that he’s a soft-touch in combat, compared to Rose and Frank, and all of his Werewolf buddies at Hip Flask and Happy Hour. Instead of trying to keep up, he’s following Anna’s lead, and focusing on being a specialist. He has a talent in dealing with the Umbra and with Spirits, so he strives to learn those lessons, and become a strong shaman.

In terms that other Therians would understand, Simon would be similar to the trickster aspect of a Ragabash. He certainly plays up that angle, and all Nuwisha are Ragabash in Gaia’s eyes, but in truth his calling to Spirits and the Umbra resembles that of a Theurge. Indeed, the Crescent Moon is his true Auspice.

Three Things about Simon

  • Always hungry and scamming for noms.
  • Thinks laterally.
  • Is never as relaxed as he seems.

Breed: Nuwisha Nuwisha_120.png
Nuwisha (aka “Mistai” to other Therians) are Gaia’s tricksters, Karma on four paws.

Nuwisha are Gaia’s tricksters, whose Nauhal is that of Coyote.

Nuwisha have five common shapes.

Homid (human)
Tsitsu (“Glabro” / anthro)


Manabozho (“Crinos” / war form)


Sendeh (“Hispo” / dire beast)
Latrani (“Nahual” / spirit beast)


Favored Gifts

  • Crescent Moon
  • Ragabash
  • Evasion
  • Stealth
  • Nuwisha
  • Theurge

Began the Chronicle in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Notable Gifts and Gear

Simon carries the Coyote’s Fang wrench known as ACME.

Flags for Simon

Here are some things Simon would flag for in MMM!

Posting this so that anybody who wants to pick something up when I’m not running can do so.

  • Long term and futile: Finding a Watchtower. Simon, as young Augustus Thorne, grew up hearing bits and pieces about the Watchtowers of true magick. He was expected (there’s that tricky expectation again) to Awaken and sign his soul to one, but that didn’t happen.

So, Simon is always on the lookout for information about them, thinking that he still needs to find one. The problem is, it’s utterly impossible for a Therian to reach a Watchtower, short of Archmagi level intervention. Further, the Magi themselves do a paranoidly good job of suppressing such information – there is a whole Order (the Silver Ladder) whose mission is just such suppression.

What is possible is that Simon’s misguided quest leads him into other discoveries that are possible for Therians: Magic, mysteries, and all of the things that are possible in an animistic worldview rather than a gnostic one.

(Animism is the worldview that all things are embodied by spirits, intellect, or some sort of animating potential. Werewolf in all editions takes a sharply animistic view of the WoD Tellurian. Gnosticism is the worldview that all things are governed by rules, patterns, or arcanum which dictates the behavior of all things, and that the sublime and wise are privy to those knowledges. Mage in all editions is a sharply gnostic view of the WoD Tellurian. Simon was raised with the gnostic worldview but empowered animistically. Can the two be reconciled?)

  • Simon’s favorite idea for a signature Fetish would be a wrench…. and a big one. It may very likely have many of the normal behaviors of a wrench – for fixing or breaking, grabbing, or twisting, may be usable with a grapple (ouch!), and/or may behave like a Coyote’s Fang – able to strike or grab both sides of the Gauntlet simultaneously. This would be a sweet quest and a rather flat XP spend.
  • I was rewriting the concept of Umbral Dansers from the W20 Nuwisha to become the Lodge of the Umbral Dance – or more likely known as the Lodge of the Ghost Dance. This would require learning and enacting the Rite of the Umbral Dance (aka Rite of the Ghost Dance) to do so.
  • Related to any or all of the above would be journeying deeper into the Umbra to attend Festival. Festival is the yearly gathering of all Nuwisha who can make it. Oh, the glorious chaos!
  • Some Nuwisha have a real blast by infiltrating a pack of Uratha, posing as scrawny werewolves.
  • Whatever happened with Erin Faust? (I have another exposition story or two to write to set this up)
  • Simon’s not one for lots of wrath or the reaping of the unclean or whatever, but there is an interesting possibility from cWoD, of some Garou as messengers among the Packs, Septs, and Tribes.

We’ve been slowly learning more and more about them, as we explore more. A Tribe is a whole people, originally descendants of a particular Celestine-class spirit or a literal tribe of people. A Sept is the regional group of Packs, which keeps the order among them and addresses shared issues. A Pack is, well… a Pack.

There are somewhat similar structures of Magi and Vampires – and others – who have an arrangement of (broad category) , (regional affiliation) , (local group).

Being a go-between among some of those, Indianapolis or otherwise, could be a very interesting diplomatic, espionage, and other-stuff challenge.



Simon Darkstep

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