Was a house-guest of the unnamed pack.

DECEASED: Died in battle with Jones in the door way of St. Mary’s Church. He had Jones grappled, with the help of Windy Billy’s Crucifix boosting his faith, he held Jones as the dawn lite them up and burned them to ash.


Dedrick Meade-Smith. Embraced in the course of WWI.

He never overcame the shock and horror of his Embrace and un-life til the night of his death.

Known to have fought alongside Raul in the Spanish Civil War. When the world lurched toward WW2, he chose Torpor instead.

He awoke briefly ca. 1993, but was not active long enough to acclimate.

He had a hate-on for “Jones”, who most likely was his Sire. Jones stalked Smith with magical assistance and murderous intent.


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