Tag: New York


  • Doob

    This is a shop in [[New York | New York City]]. You can get a 3D printed statuette of yourself. A werewolf, known as Grendel, works at the shop. He is a member of the [[:sept-of-the-green-group | Sept of the Green]], but we know little about …

  • Guardian Temple

    This is a temple in the center of Chinatown in [[New York | New York City]]. It is protected by a powerful, but agreeable, spirit. He takes the form of a Buddhist monk. An entity from the Gauntlet had snatched a child from this place.

  • The Big Stitch

    This is an ostentatious tailor shop, near the edge of Chinatown in [[New York | New York City]]. The spirits inhabiting this place are garrulous and enthusiastic to help a customer with a fine fit. [[:frank-marlowe | Frank]] got an ephemeral golf …

  • Thai Divine

    This is a Thai restaurant in [[New York | New York City]]. It has many family members living there. A child of the family was abducted into the Gauntlet from here.