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  • Species, Aspect, and Tribe

    Clearing up about the things that define shapeshifters. h3. Species Werewolves are the most numerous of all the Changing Breeds. As such, they are by far the dominant species, and their society is by far the dominant trend. While there are …

  • Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument

    This is a monument in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. "Wikipedia":http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soldiers%27_and_Sailors%27_Monument_%28Indianapolis%29 [[File:437200 | class=media-item-align-none | Soldiers__and_Sailors__Monument_Indianapolis__IN.jpg]] …

  • Vampires

    Vampires are one of the common types of supernatural characters in the World of Darkness. They are dead, or more correctly, undead. Their source of power and unlife is called Vitae - the blood consumed from the living. Our unnamed pack has discovered …

  • New Orleans, Louisiana

    We visited New Orleans in our second story arc. [[:shark-group | Shark]] is here [[:la-rive-group | La Rive]] is here [[:loaded-dice-group | Loaded Dice]] was here