ACME (Coyote's Fang)

ACME (Coyote’s Fang) Fetish (5)

According to legend, Old Man Coyote has died many times, and always his own fault.

Sometimes, when he’s killed, he loses a tooth or two. As soon as Brother Fox stops laughing at him and jumps over Coyote to ressurect him, he gathers up his lost teeth and saves them.

These teeth are fashioned into Coyote’s Fangs, usually in the form of knives, daggers, or tomahawks, and given to the Old Man’s favored tricksters.

Coyote is always saving up his final joke, the destruction of everything that ever was. His Fangs are evidence that not every joke is funny, and not every trick is meant to be survived. Coyote’s Fangs are reputed to be able to cut the very earth, sunder metal from metal, and slice shadow away from darkness.

The Gauntlet is only a problem for those who let it be a problem, and Old Man Coyote’s Nuwisha have better things to do. Coyote’s Fangs strike in and out of the Umbra simultaneously, and no Spirit is immune to the power of a Fang.

Coyote’s Fangs are always the right size for their Nuwisha. Placed in the mouth, they take the form of a pointy tooth.

Sometimes, the Old Man changes his mind, and forges one of his Fangs into a different form. One of these is known as ACME, and takes the form of an old, battered pipe wrench. To those with sharp eyes, ACME seems to always be watching, and its mighty jaw seems to be perpetually eager to grab and bite. It sizes between about a foot and about four feet in length, when it isn’t hiding disguised as a tooth.

ACME is perfectly usable as a tool, and grants 2 dice for working on things (4 dice for sabotage).

As a full-sized mundane weapon, it inflicts 3B base damage (as per Mace). As a smaller mundane weapon, it inflicts 2B base damage (as per Nightstick). As a mundande tooth, it upgrades Fang and Claw by one level (to 2L in Simon’s case).

As a magic weapon, ACME inflicts +2L damage (5L total) on a strike. Alternatively, ACME may grab an opponent in its jaws, adding 5 dice to any Grapple roll.

In all cases, just like any Coyote’s Fang, it can work simultaneously or across the Gauntlet, into or out of a Demesne, or similar situations.

At this time, ACME is in the custody of Simon Darkstep.

Build (60 pts) – Fetish (5)

Basic mace has 3B. Nightstick has 2B. Fang and Claw is species dependent.
Durability 3 (forged steel) + 5(Fetish rating) = Durability 8
Structure = Durability + Size
Original WoD Coyote’s Fang has cross-umbral powers, is 3 dots, inflicts 2A damage.
Aggravated was much more common in oWoD than what we’re doing.
Drop Aggravated damage to Lethal, instead make it a Grappling weapon with the same dice.
(20 pts) +2L damage
Compared to Fury Fang, which is 4 dots: Fury Fang goes from 2 to 4 dice in its own special circumstance, so matched Coyote’s Fang to the +2 / +4 model. Also, the flaming knife Hanzer Hiribanu inflicts 2L damage, but 4L to anything not immune to fire or heat, and is a 2 dot Fetish. So, the damage matches the general / circumstantial.
Added a feature to resize and conceal.
(10 pts) convenience feature
(-5 pts) smaller convenient sizes scale back damage from full-sized
(5 pts) concealed as a tooth and still functions
Cross-Umbral activation requires Essence equal to the user’s current effective Gauntlet per attack. Non-combat uses are the same cost, but per Scene. A Grapple lasts until it is broken, and is resisted normally after it is established. The user must percieve cross-Gauntlet as normal or strike blind.
(40 pts) modifying Gauntlet behavior
(-10 pts) extra cost: Essence per strike / Scene
Size 3N ( 3’ – 4’ long ) – Structure 11 / Durability 8
Size 1S ( 1’ long ) – Structure 9 / Durability 8
Size 1P ( as tooth ) – as above, but unlikely to be targeted

Attacking Blind

Perception roll as appropriate…
Dramatic Failure: completely off base
Failure: can’t locate the target, maybe get a chance die
Success: Treat target as substantially concealed (-3 penalty)
Exceptional Success: Treat target as partially concealed (-2 penalty)


Nuwisha, p. 53
(Fetish 3) Str+2A; simultaneous attacks in and out of the umbra

ACME (Coyote's Fang)

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