Character Fetishes

-Anna Danvers-:

- Flask of Life – one dot fetish, small silver flask that can hold up to three points of essence

- Hentai Returning Brick – one dot fetish, mystery brick that always hits Simon when Anna throws it as long as its dramatically appropriate

- Phone (Toth) – two dot Fetish, spirit bound iPhone 6+ that gets five bars everywhere, even in the umbra

- Two Face, One Face, No Face – two dot magic item, does not appear to be a Fetish; allows owner to step sideways through it and comes along with.

-Roar of Thunder – two dot fetish that is in the shape of a large garnet pendent, she currently is wearing it on the choker “Kin Caller”. With this Anna can let out a shout deafening people in the area and possibly causing Lunacy in humans.

-Kin Caller – two dot fetish that is a dark red almost black braided leather choker. With this Anna can call out to the members of her Family and only they can heard it. The call can be heard up to ten miles away and can be heard on both sides of the Gauntlet.

-Frank Marlowe-:

- Serpent Line (Kris) – one dot magic item, does not appear to be a Fetish; follows owner through the Gauntlet

- Bartholomew’s Tattoo – Largely mysterious, possibly possessed, possibly cursed. This is a leather folio filled with stitch-bound irregular sheets drawn in black and red “ink”.

-Phone – two dot fetish

-Rose Snyder-:

- Roses Tooth- Roses custom Klaive made by Seraphina – three dot Fetish; 2 AP + size changes to a large knife, Jacket-concealable

- Yeehaw – Roses smart phone – two dot Fetish

- Ringy-Singy – two dot Fetish anvil – adds +3 dice to all Craft rolls for tasks that include hammering – Rose is current custodian but it goes around to help.

-Simon Darkstep-:

- ACME – Coyote’s Fang in the form of a large wrench, a five-dot Fetish

- Silver spiked whip – nonmagical but custom

- Chatterbox – two dot Fetish phone (Sonim XP3300 Force as host chassis)

- Ratstabber – one dot Fetish Bowie knife – 9-again vs. Beshilu and ratlike rodentia. Raised Craftsman logo rendered in blood-red on the blade.

- Hanzer Hiribanu – heated knife Klaive and two-dot Fetish, adds 2L to all damage against anything not immune to heat.

- Ant-mandible War Fork – grappling weapon that shoots fire as a two-dot Fetish.

- Wilderness Necklace – Dominates animals into obedience as a two-dot Fetish.

Character Fetishes

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