Lodge of the Shepard


The bonds of the pack are among the strongest that any werewolf experiences. But the bonds of family, of blood, hold the Uratha as well. While some werewolves look down upon the uragarum, the Shepherds assert that the proper thing to do is to honor and protect them, for they are related by blood to werewolves and, therefore, Imru.

All Shepherds are sworn to protect the wolf-blooded from harm, to be honest with them about their condition and about Uratha culture and to help the wolf-blooded cope with the trials they face because of their nature. Different werewolves behave in different ways, of course. Some Shepherds are nurturing and compassionate, while others treat wolf-bloods almost as roughly as they do other werewolves. One thing remains constant, however. The Shepherds do not treat uragarum who violate the tenets of the Oath — especially The Herd Must Not Know — with mercy. The Shepherds feel that if the wolf-bloods know their place in Uratha society, they should be responsible for their actions. Shepherds do not announce their membership to other Uratha, but do not deny membership if asked. Members recognize each other through Herding Wolf’s blessing, but wear no other indicator of their allegiance.

Find Kinfolk

This will be an Instant action (takes 1 turn or about 3 seconds). I intend it to be automatic if you’re not under stress. If you need to roll it for some reason (such as in a fight or chase) the pool would be Intelligence+Investigation+Feral Heart. Exceptional Success would grant more detailed knowledge about the subject, perhaps breed or tribe.

This is normally uncontested, but it may be Reflexively contested if the subject has something to hide or would not like that information to come out. The contesting roll is Resolve+PowerStat (if they have one).

This may also be contested by supernatural powers that obscure or disguise.

Lodge of the Shepard

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