New York

New York is the setting of many of our Chronicle’s stories.

Let me list you it’s features (New York City):
Trinidad Club
Empire State Building
9/11 memorial
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Guggenheim Museum
Statue of Liberty
Ellis Island
Top of the Rock
Central Park
Times Square
Theater District / Broadway
High Line
Grand Central Terminal
Madison Square Garden
Brooklyn Bridge
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Guardian Temple

Big Stitch

Thai Divine

Places in Upstate New York:
Hobart, a tiny town SW of Albany. The Hobart Motor Lodge is here, which was a place that recently had a dark and terrible secret. Until we shot it with Bane Arrows.
Communications Bunker 72

Some of the people to be found in New York are…
Lt. Muldoon
Archbishop de Polonia
Noel Colson aka Ivan Bagota
Apollo (deceased)
Janet Riley , former cop, now PI. Associate of Frank’s
Silver of the Deep (deceased) , a Stargazer who gazed too deeply and came back changed.
Sheriff Baker (deceased), a pawn of Silver of the Deep’s
Rudy (deceased) , a pawn of Silver of the Deep’s
Buford (deceased), a pawn of SIlver of the Deep’s

New York

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