Mirrors, Monsters, and Misfits

Coffee At The Old Diner

On the advice of the wolves we drop off the grid and move operations to a motel on the outskirts of town. They come with us for back up and we get settled in. After getting cleaned up the group heads to a truck stop diner a little ways out of town to meet with Raul.

Arriving at the diner they find Raul has been joined by Smith and Gaspar. They are sitting around enjoying some coffee as the group walks in. Joining the vampires and their table there is a little small talk before get conversation gets heavy. After telling them about the vampire and poltergeist attacks a name comes to Smith. Jones, an old Russian vampire the had turned Smith during World War One. He had a love of blood tainted by various military gasses and after Smith watch some of the atrocities that he did during the war they had a falling out when Smith swore to kill him for what he had done. It seems that Jones has access to some type of future telling magics and has been sending his minions against us even before we had even met Smith. Raul tells us that he will take this matter up with the Prince and that he would let us know the outcome.

After sitting through another meeting with the vampires where they sit and enjoy their coffee and light deserts it bugs Anna enough that she finally just asks about it. It turns out that coffee is one of the few things besides blood that a vampire can enjoy and actually pass through their system without becoming ill. The deserts are kept light so that they can dissolve in the coffee. Also that the Prince had declared that no barista can be killed in his domain on the pain of death. In fact the meeting was being held at the diner because of how much they liked the coffee there. After the fun talk about coffee the meeting breaks up and Smith leaved with the group.


On the way back to the motel the group helps Smith find a new place to lay low until the crisis is over. When back at the hotel most of the group crashes but Rose is worried about umbral security. Grace goes with her and they cross over. After checking things out it looks secure. Rose asks Grace some questions about the spirits and Grace shows her one way of making a deal with the spirits. A deal is struck with a spirit of travel, in return for breakfast in the morning he would make sure all in the motel had a good nights rest. Well everyone has a good night sleep and in the morning a big breakfast was had.


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