Mirrors, Monsters, and Misfits

Late Night Picture Show

I woke up in the morning feeling refreshed. With all the craziness going on I must have just crashed. I lay there in the bed not wanting to get out of the warm cocoon. I hear the shower running and Rose’s voice singing some country song off key coming from it. I lift my head looking around the room and see Content Not Found: nuwisha sleeping on the couch under the window. I lay my head back down trying to forget at least for a little bit what has been going on. The shower stopped and a few minutes later out walks Rose. She, still humming that same song to herself, dries her hair at the foot of the bed. I roll out of bed and stumble into the bathroom. I turn on the shower hoping that Rose had not used up all the hot water. As the room starts to steam up I strip and get into the shower, at least my luck was holding out for now. As I start to soap up there is a knock on the bathroom door.

“Hey Anna we are meeting up downstairs for breakfast. It’s free and all you can eat!!”

“Ok Simon, I’ll be down shortly. Let me just enjoy the hot water a little while longer.”

“Alright, I’ll save you a danish.”

Left alone at last I finish up my shower and get dressed. I have been pushing myself for the last few days and I have been letting the beast have control more than usual. I pick up one of my tablets and start it up to drop a line to the mages to set up a meet when I feel a surge of power run through my body. The tablet fries in my hand. Well that’s new, looks like my control of electricity has reached a new level. I shake my head, tossing the ruined tablet in the garbage I head down to meet the others.

Several tables have been pulled together and everyone is sitting around filling up on the breakfast buffet. I walk past them and go purchase a couple of Red Bulls from the vending machine in the back of the room. Joining them at the table I grab a big cup and pour in a Red Bull. Getting the coffee urn I fill up the glass.

“You’re not going to drink that are you?” says Heaven’s Hammer sitting across from me.

I pop a couple of my pills and down the cup. Still a little bleary eyed I look across the table;”Yep" I say then mix myself another one. In my current mental state I’m not sure if the look on Hammer’s face is concern or shock. I pay it no mind. I see a motion from Simon and he lifts his hat off the table revealing a plate on cheese danishes and he slides them across the table to me.
With the way the others had demolished the breakfast buffet if Simon had not grabbed those for me I might have had to go across the street for fast food. I give him a nod of thanks then dig in. There is conversation going on around me but I ignore it. I know what needs to be done next. As I finish I inform the group that I’ll try and make contact with the mages and disappear back up stairs.

I send a message to the email account we were given and wait. I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling waiting for a replay. I can’t fall asleep so I pop a few more pills and just zone out. I know that Rose and some of the others came in and out of the room but it feels like a dream sequence and I cannot remember anything that might or might not have been said. What does bring me around is the light ding from my phone telling me I just received an email. Sitting up and grabbing the phone from the bedside table I see that Riff Raff has responded. Sending a few messages back and forth I set up a meeting at the Purdue University student union at midnight during the showing of Rocky Horror.

After wasting the rest of the day flipping channels on the TV, Simon, Frank and I show up for the movie. I buy us tickets and we head inside. I see Riff Raff sitting in the back and grab a seat next to him.

“We have time for the movie?” asks Riff Raff.

“And me without my maid outfit,” I snarky comment back. He looks confused for a minute then I add, “I used to go to this university too.”

I see a light go on in his eyes, " No way, no way!! You were Magenta!! Oh my god!!"

“Ya, that was me.” Several years ago when I was still a student I used to dress up as Magenta to escape from asshole roommates and to not be me for a couple hours. “But I don’t think that we have time for the movie. There is a situation that could hurt the peace. All of you need to be filled in.”

He looks a little shocked but nods his head and leads us out of the theater and upstairs to the old smokers lounge. We are joined a few minutes later by Makarov and Hailstorm. I don’t hold back and tell them everything about Jones and the coming situation. I see fear cross their faces, Hailstorm gets it under control quickly but the other two mages are rattled.

“We are not fighters, well Hailstorm has had some training but what can we do?” stammered Makarov.

“Look I’m not a fighter but I still do what I need to do to get by. We are not asking you to go toe to toe with Jones, you each have your own special talents that can be used to help. We are asking you to do what you can to help us keep the peace. To start we need to talk to ”/characters/garnet-wind" class=“wiki-content-link”>Garnet Wind." I’m trying to be positive and encouraging but they still seem shocked.

“Why do we need to see Garnet Wind?”, asked Riff Raff.

“I’m not sure if we can, I will need to see what can be done”, adds Makarov.

“We need to let the peace keeper know what is going on and see if it can help us”, I respond.

“I’ll see what I can do, but Garnett Wind is not as strong as It used to be,” says Makarov and I can see the wheels starting to turn in his head.

“Well when we contact it we need to figure out what is wrong with it and fix it. If Garnet Wind is supposed to help keep the peace we cannot have it weak with what is coming.”

There seemed to be an understanding but I’m still worried about their lack of confidence in their abilities. But I see a little bit of a spark in Hailstorms eyes, like she almost is looking forward to the upcoming fight. I seem to remember Riff Raff saying that she was from a militant branch of the magi world. I can’t help but have my eyes keep wondering over to her. I haven’t thought about a woman that way in several years, not since my experimental phase during college. She has a tough yet still soft on the inside look that gets me going. “Yummy!!” I hope I just did not say that out loud. If I did I don’t think anyone heard.

I snap back to the current situation as Makarov says, “It will take me a little time to work out a way to contact Garnet Wind, the ceremony I know is time specific. But I’m sure I can work something out. If I do this we should have all representatives present so please pass on an invitation from us to Raul.”

“We will,” pipes up Frank, “Just let us know when you can do it.”

We turn to leave and Hailstorm lays a hand on my arm, “I’d like to see where you were attacked by the vampires if you don’t mind. I might be able to see something that can help.”

I’m a little taken back by this but I hand her one of my business cards and tell her I’ll be there at 2:30 tomorrow. She nods her head and we leave. We return to the hotel and let the wolves know what is going on.

The next day I slip through a mirror and make my way back to my garage in the umbra. I pop back into the real world through the bedroom mirror and look around the place. It looks like how I left it except the vampire bodies were gone now. I start rinsing out my poor claw foot tub when I hear the door buzzer go off. Turning off the water I go check out the security panel. Seeing Hailstorm I buzz her in. I show her around and she starts her investigation. After looking around she does not come up with anything more than what we already know but she has an enchantment that might help me. She goes around hanging small knotted balls of rope in various corners of the apartment and garage.

“If anybody with violence in mind comes close these will make them forget about this place for a little while.”

“Well damn, I’ll lose about a quarter of my business,” I say as a joke.

“Did… did you mean what you said last night??”, she stammered suddenly.

“What did I say?”, did she hear me?

“You kept looking at me and I thought I heard you say I was yummy,” she was blushing a cute shade of red. “You also said that you and Rose were having a girls night in and I…I felt a little jealous. I haven’t….”

I reach up and brush my hand across her check. “Now Hailstorm.”


“Haley, now that adds to the cute. Rose and I are just friends, our girls night in is just food and anime until we fall asleep in front of the TV. But, I could see changing the rules for someone.” I take her hand and lead her back to my bedroom. I sit her down on the edge of the bed and before she can say another word I jump on her. Pushing her back i crush my lips to hers and feel her arms wrap around me……..
I wake up a couple hours later, cloths are thrown around the room and Haley is sleeping peacefully next to me. I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time. I stretch a little and start to reach over to give Haley a good groping when Simon and Frank come pouring through the mirror in the room.

“Hey Anna, Frank and I need to borrow the shower, we….. Oh hell ya!!!”

I fling a vase from the bedside table at Simon’s head as I pull the sheet over Haley and I. “Get the hell out, you ever heard of knocking!!!” Simon grabs Frank and they dive back through the mirror.


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