Mirrors, Monsters, and Misfits

Of ghouls and man

The group pays a visit to the old man the next morning to see how he is doing. He was not alone, Father Guido was also paying him a visit. Anna gives the old man a new rosary and explains that his old one had been torn apart by his seizure when the heart attack hit him. When the group was leaving the priest asked the group to check on the old mans apartment. The group agrees ans heads out.

As the group pulls into the apartment complex they see four bikers in front of the old mans unit. The group parks down the parking lot. Anna slips into a school uniform from a local girls christian academy as Rose sneaks into a good shooting position. Frank and Anna walk up on the bikers with guns hidden behind them. Anna asks them what they are doing to her “grandfathers” apartment, they grumbled something and it was on. The group quickly figure out that the bikers are ghouls from the Midwest Motercycle Club that they have had issues with before. The group kills three of the ghouls and the forth runs for it. Anna and Frank take off after him while Rose pulls a sniper rifle out of the cars trunk. Rose puts a bullet through the ghouls leg and Frank is able to grab him. Content Not Found: nuwisha pulls up in the car and all the bikers, both dead and alive, are thrown in the trunk.

Heading back to the Baker Street house, Iron Rain is contacted to let him know the group had an issue with some ghouls at the apartment complex so he can cover things up if needed. When they got back to the house Simon disappeared the dead bikers into the umbra while the rest of the group take the living one down to the bomb shelter and chain him up for questioning.

While chained to the wall, the ghoul uses the last of its power to heal its bullet wound then goes into withdraw from not having any more vampire blood running through its veins. Anna decided to try and question the ghoul in its weakened stated but after a recreation of the “Matrix interrogation room scene” not much was learned. the group started taking pity on the ghoul as his human side started trying to make a comeback. After talking it through it was decided to contact Open Source and see if they could help return the ghoul to a mortal life.

The group meet Riff Raff and Hailstorm, another member of Open Source they had not met before, and told them of their house guest. They were told that the mages would grab Makarov and be over later that night. The group returns and brings the ghoul up to a back bed room and tie him to the bed exorcist style. The mages arrive and get to work. Hailstorm watches as Makarov works on the ghouls life and spiritual energies and Riff Raff gives the ghoul a false memory of what happened to it. Anna is watching and petting Lonely Prowler, the cat asks Anna if this is important to her and she replies that this poor man is a stray and we needed to get him reunited with his family. This pleases the totem spirit and it loans its strength to the magics being worked on the ghoul. When all the magics are finished there is just a man in a fitful sleep on the bed. The mages takes their leave and the group drops the man off at a local hospital.

The group decided next to meet up with Hip Flask & Happy Hour since it was only a little after midnight. They meet Iron Rain and Grace at a local diner and fill them in on the ghoul situation. During the conversation they are joined by Howlin’ Dawg, local DJ and member of the werewolf pack. He joins the conversation and keeps hitting on Rose and Anna, this pisses off Grace and she drags him out of the diner. Iron Rain takes his leave shortly after that leaving the group to decide their next move.


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Of ghouls and man
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