Mirrors, Monsters, and Misfits

The house guest

After finishing the yummy pie they had ordered at the diner they decided to set up a meeting with Raul to see what he knew about their ghoul problem. A short while later the meet is set and the group heads over to The Fish Market. They arrive a little early and wait at the bar till Raul shows up. Raul shows up shortly and has with him the vampire the group met at St. Mary’s the night before. The group joins them at Raul’s normal table and after a bit of small talk the new vampire is introduced as Smith. Listening to him talk and watching his mannerisms it is figured out that he is British from the early 20th century. Shortly after his change he met Raul and came to the Americas. He has been asleep in the basement of St. Mary’s for a long time with Raul keeping an eye out for him. Smith thought the group was a joke from Raul with the mentions of were-creatures in the conversation. Anna decides that Smith will only believe his eyes. So making sure no one was watching Anna turns into her mouse form and shocks Smith. With this Smith starts believing what the group is saying..

The group tells Raul about the few run ins they have had with the Mid-West Motorcycle Club ghouls and if he knew anything about why they would be looking for a protected old man, leaving out the part about getting mage help to free a ghoul a few hour ago. Raul tells the group that he has no knowledge of these ghouls but would look into this though he would ask a favor. Smith is not a vassal of the cities vampire prince and he could be used against Raul so the group decides to take Smith in for a while so Raul could do his investigating. When the meeting ends Rose and Frank take Smith over to the church to get his coffin while Anna and Simon break into a local blood bank to stock the fridge for Smith. Meeting back up at the Baker Street house Smith gets set up in a basement bedroom and he is left to rest.

The group grabs a few hours sleep before going to their day jobs. After work Anna hits The Rack Room for several orders of yummy yummy nachos to take over to the Baker Street house to share with the group.
While waiting on the food Jerome tells Anna about two state troopers that came by earlier that day looking for a short red head woman in the area. Jerome of course did not know of such a girl, wink, so they left a card in case he saw something later and left. They were troopers Nelson Elas and Brian Perry. Anna took this info and nachos back to the group. After filling in the group and eating Anna gets online and looks into the two troopers. With Franks help Anna is able to figure out that the two troopers were in a bad accident in the line of duty and were out on disability, they should not be up and around with the injuries they suffered. Further looking into them will be needed.

As dusk hit Smith could be heard waking up down stairs. He was having a fit and the group found him clawing the walls. After calming him down the group returned upstairs to let Smith get cleaned up. As the night darkened members of the group started feeling uneasy. Simon disappeared but Anna found him on the roof playing his guitar. With his sense more in tune with the spirit world Simon could tell that there were ephemeral beings searching for the group. Anna stretch out her senses and could also feel them. Simon passed Anna his guitar showed her a few cords then slipped into the umbra to scout the area. Anna plays for a little while waiting for Simon to return, she starts getting worried and heads back inside to let the others know about what was figured and about Simon off scouting. They arm themselves and even give Smith an old Enfield rifle. Anna stayed with Smith as Frank and Rose entered the umbra after Simon. They found him down the street on a roof top watching an anger spirit which they quickly dispatched. Simon could still feel the beings looking for them but they were not close yet. Simon stayed to keep an eye on things in the umbra while Rose and Frank returned to the house.



Dem pies!

The house guest
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