Mirrors, Monsters, and Misfits

The old man.

It all starts with a confused old man trying to buy a gun from Rose at the gun shop she works at but luckily leaves with out one. Then cut to Frank in his PI office drinking a glass of whiskey as Father Guido from St. Mary’s comes by to talk to him about a parishioner. Frank gets hired to look into the unusual behavior that an old man at the church has been having. The priest is afraid he might hurt himself or others. The group meets up and hears about Franks new case. After a short talk Rose figures out that the same old man tried to get a gun from the gun shop earlier that day. They pay a visit to the old mans apartment and after he gets arrested for public drunkenness outside of it, they break in and investigate. The old man is a widower and lives a very spartan life. Anna finds out that the old man is carrying something of power that he has had for a while. They also find out that the old man visits his wife’s grave often.

The group heads out to visit the cemetery the he visits often and find his wife’s grave. She was cremated and placed in a memorial wall. The spirits hanging out in the cemetery tell the group about the man that visits often and the powerful aura he has. The group hears from Iron Rain that the old man had been released and go try and find him. They find him in St. Mary’s clutching a rosary and staring down an enraged vampire in priest robes. Frank approached the vampire trying to calm him. Rose placed herself between the vampire and the old man while trying to get Raul on the phone to see if this vampire was one of his. Anna checked the old man who looked to be having a heart attack. A ringing is heard from the rafters and Raul jumps down looking a little embarrassed. He told the group that the vampire is under his protection and goes to calm the vampire. The group claims protection of the old man to keep him safe from Raul who wanted to get rid of witnesses. Anna pockets the rosary and with Roses help gets the old man stable and to the front door to the church while Frank calls an ambulance.

With the old man safely off to the hospital the group checks out the rosary. After checking out the rosary the group is sure there is a spirit inhabiting the item. They side step into the umbra to talk to the spirit. They find the rosary calls itself " Windy Billy’s Crucifix ", is very religious, and hates the undead. Apparently the spirit woke up after sensing the vampire in the church and did some mental influence to encourage the old man to defend the church which caused his odd behavior. After some reasoning with the spirit, he agreed to watch dog the church but not influence people like he did to the old man. It was placed in the church so it could keep an eye on things.


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The old man.

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The old man.
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