Anna Danvers

Short feisty redhead mechanic. Squeak!!!!


Began the Chronicle in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Breed: Mousekin (Minjur) Ratkin_120.png

Anna may remember a rhyme: “My house a mouse, a mouse my house. I’ll never grouse; the spark of mouse is never doused.”


Anna started liking a certain band after hearing this song. It resonates with her own inner struggles.



Anna is in her mid twenties, is very short at 4’ 2", has long curly fiery red hair, and smokey grey eyes. She hides her intelligence behind a feisty attitude. Anna is not the greatest when is comes to dealing with people and can come off as standoffish but is working on this. She tries to be close to her new family, the unnamed pack, but still loves her time alone. Anna has been having girls’ nights in with Rose who is the closest thing she has to a best friend. Anna has thought of inviting Haley over for a more adult girls’ night in after the lustful encounter they had. Anna’s thoughts about Haley have recently changed after finding out that Frank and she now have a thing going on. Anna is still friends with Haley but has diverted her passionate thoughts to Hammer after the support he had given her the last few months.

She has an aptitude for mechanics and can usually be found working in her garage, “Parking Deck Garage” with Jimmy Barnes, or tinkering with different machines. Her love of everything Japanese brings out a pension for cosplay and a large collection of costumes and school girl outfits.

Anna is from a small town in Maine. She graduated from high school at the age of 15 and received a scholarship to MIT. She quickly left her old life and did not look back. To this day she does not talk about where she is from or the family she left behind to even the people closest to her. Being that MIT was her first time ever away from home she did many stupid things and after a few years lost her free ride. She was able to transfer into Perdue University and with doing any odd job or paid testing she was able to make it through with a duel degree in mechanical and aeronautical engineering.

Anna had a silent backer that helped her open her garage. She used to receive calls from her backer once and a while and would disappears for a little bit, when she returned she did not talk about it. Recently she has been able to get out from under the sway of the backer but still keeps an eye on him. She was lucky to run across the mechanic Jimmy Barnes when she first opened her garage. She has formed a bond with him over the years and thinks of him as family, he has become a confidant for her and does know her nature. Because of the increased responsibilities she has with her family and the other supernatural factions around town she has Jimmy running the garage with a few new hands. She helps at the shop when she can but spends more time on her own projects.


Anna is a were-mouse and is the only one of her kind she knows of. She will only say her change was not easy and very unpleasant. To help her stay in control Anna takes anti-psychotics to keep the “beast” in check.


Anna in her war-form.


Distinguishing Marks, Scars, & Tattoos
*large bruise purple hand print that takes up most of back, gotten in fight with Wong Fung
*small bear paw scar on right shoulder blade, gift from Sven
*light barely noticeable slash across belly, gotten in fight with Little Red
*small chameleon shaped birthmark on left forearm, proof of chameleons blessing

Anna Danvers

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