Frank Marlowe

Bigby Wolf whisky poured in a Harry Dresden scotch glass, watered down with J.J. Gittes.


Breed: Wolfkin (Maeran) Thepack_120.png


Began the Chronicle in Indianapolis, Indiana.


“Bigby Wolf whisky poured in a Harry Dresden scotch glass, watered down with J.J. Gittes.”

This pretty much sums up this Private Investigator with the eye for the Occult and a nose for the strange. Despite being in his early thirties, Frank is a fan of noir and other assorted detective films since he was a kid.

Frank’s been in the P.I. business since he settled to Indianapolis three years ago, having moved away from New York’s Chinatown in Manhattan, where he worked for a particular branch in the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit. His Lieutenant, Johnny Clark, was a good guy working under shitty conditions, namely the police Chief, Roy Moreno.

Frank’s fate-changing moment came in the form of a case involving spirits, haunts, and a young celebrity woman named Cecilia Holloway. The investigation went south when a vampire enforcer came to visit the place Cecilia stayed in and attacked them. The enforcer killed Cecilia’s boyfriend, a neophyte vampire named Angel, before going after Frank himself. Frank’s Kuruth, or death rage, ended up saving his life, but when the dust settled, both Cecilia and the enforcer, whose alias was later discovered to be Watts, disappeared. The whole investigation was going to become one big shit storm, and Frank needed to hightail it, lest he reap the whirlwind from the Chief who hated him from the beginning.

Every detective has at least one unsolved case he can’t let go, and this is Frank’s. Since the trail went cold, he checks the news as much as he can, hoping to find something leading back to Ms. Holloway and the bastard who took her.

Frank Marlowe

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