Jiu Li

Jiang Shi diplomat


Jiu Li is a disciple of Wong Fung.

She is one of his more trusted disciples. He sends her on errands which require a precise, diplomatic touch.

She has a talent for mathematics, and claims to have even been awarded a star for mathematical excellence. She always has an abacus at hand.

When Wong Fung became suspicious that “Jones” was acting against the interests of their sworn brotherhood, he sent Jiu Li to Indianapolis. She was obviously there to supervise the Embrace (and eventually, corruption) of neonate vampires, but she had a hidden agenda – to confront the locals socially and verify their intentions.

She used her mathematical prowess and precise measurements of blood and warfare-chemical dosages to regulate how much influence her master and his friend had upon her. This allowed her the latitude to discover what needed to be discovered, without being unduly swayed.

Like all Jiang-shi, she is wracked with rigor most of the time. She is vain, however, and is – or was – loyal to “Jones” because he gave her the gift of a porcelain-seeming face. It is no replacement for her prior beauty, but it is a welcome relief from the horrid appearance of the Jiang-shi.

In the course of her assignment to Indianapolis, she worked side by side with Madame Ruby, trying to piece together a view of Operatsiya’s organization.

Jiu Li

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