DECEASED: Destroyed in battle with Smith in the door way of St. Mary’s Church. Smith had him grappled and with the help of Windy Billy’s Crucifix held Jones as the dawn lite them up and burned them to ash.


“Jones” is the pseudonym for a powerful vampire. It is believed his real name is Evgeny Rodionovich. ( Евгений Родионович )

It is believed that he is a Russian, of an age nearly or at least a century. Research has found that he was probably a Graf (similar to a western Count) in north-western Russia in the mid-19th century. He seems to have been driven out of his holdings by the Tsar’s men, who were displeased with his excesses.

He is a known associate of Wong Fung. The two vampires are both masters of poison and sworn brothers.

It is thought that Jones is fond of using military-grade chemicals as part of his blood magics.

It is also believed that he Embraced “Smith”. He had Smith along for his atrocious debauchery in the trenches of World-War-1, until Smith rebelled and tried to kill him.

He seems to be obsessed with Smith. In the haze of his insanity and moral Degeneration ( * ) due to addictive corruption of the blood of his victims, and with his superstitious (or is it?) trust of fortune-tellers, he has locked his fate into a tragic circle.

In his deranged madness, he may have betrayed the trust of his sworn brother, Wong Fung.

( * ) per our discussion at game night, morality Degeneration leads to derangement and madness. Each of the splats has a morality scale to which they are bound.


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