Rose Snyder


Name: Rose Snyder
Race: Boer (Caucasian of German and Dutch heritage from what is now South Africa)
Gender: Female
Hair: brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5’7"
Weight: 142 lbs

Breed: Bastet (Simba), sometimes called Hattara Bastet_120.png

Lodge: Lodge of the Shepard (in training)

Rose may remember a pair of rhymes: “Be a mouse, be a mouse, swap the mouse to be my house!” “Be my house, be my house, undo the swap with the mouse!”


Rose is of Boer decent her family having been ranchers in Basutoland Africa. Her grand parents fled and immigrated to the united states shortly after World War 2. She grew up on a small but proud ranch owned by her family in Montana. She learned to work with animals and machinery at a young age and also how to hunt, fish and survive off of the land. As a young girl she showed a particular fondness for shooting and working on mechanical objects.

When she became of age Rose’s aging great grand mother took her up to a plot of family land she did not know about deep up in the mountains of Montana. There here grandmother tested her then revealed to rose that she was also a Bastet (lioness) and began teaching her the ways of her people, her grandmother being the only other Bastet she has ever known.

When not helping her family run there ranch Rose went to a local trade school where she learned metalworking, CAD and machining along with some agricultural science and biology. While going to the school she joined and was later captain of the schools rifle marksmanship team. After graduation she became a apprentice gunsmith under a old master gunsmith for several years. Eventually Rose wanted to go looking for more of her own kind and set out. She ended up landing a job in the city of Indianapolis. The big city is much different then what she grew up but she is making do. She misses the country at time and every few months makes a trip back home to Indianapolis for a week to get away from the hustle and noise of the city. She is very close to her feral side and often prefers to la around at home in her spirit form. She is Fiercely loyal and protective of her pack mates ready to lay her life down to protect any of them especial her best friend anna.

Rose has taken an interest in Stephanie Greene.

Rose Snyder

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