Stephanie Greene

Red hair and wrong turns


Stephanie Green is a bartender. Her primary employment is at a wretched pit of a strip club called the Clam Bake.

She had been a student, pursuing a degree in Womyn’s Studies (she would insist upon that spelling) but discovered that there was no future in it. She changed course and wound up with a bartending certificate.

All this at the cost of some $170,000+ in student loan debt.

She lives in a crappy apartment, furnished with rent-to-own furniture. Her car is a playground for tetanus spirits. Her job reinforces her mistrust and dislike of men.

She has an ex boyfriend, Greg Eastland. He had a record in New York which Frank had stumbled upon.

Rose has taken a liking to her. If she continues to be characterized, she might be brought in among the Night Folk in some capacity.

She has taken a second job, as a probationary bartender at Jerome’s place, the Rack Room.

Stephanie Greene

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