Wong Fung

Dark-chi Kung Fu master


Wong Fung is a vampiric master of kung fu.

He practices the arts of dark, negative Chi. In his discipline, chi is synonymous with Essence.

He is known to be a master of poisons, including poisonous techniques of Chi strikes. “Poison Buddha’s Palm” seems to be one of those techniques, and capable of inflicting grievous damage by separating the soul from the body directly as Anna found out the hard way. There is some speculation that the strike may be identical or similar to the equally-reputed Dim Mak.

He dresses in fine robes, elegantly embroidered.

He is a known associate of Jones, as sworn brothers and trusted comrades.

He has some number of disciples, at least a dozen. Several of them have been casualties in the battle with the shapeshifting family.

One of his disciples is Jiu Li. She seems to be more trusted than the rest.

Wong Fung and all of his disciples are Jiang Shi – hopping vampires. They are a far Eastern bloodline. Their bodies are normally wracked with rigor mortis. This makes them extremely resilient. (+2 to +4 armor rating) They can spend extra Vitae to gain mobility, equaling other vampires at the cost of extra blood.

Wong Fung’s Jiang Shi fight with an unusual kung fu style taking advantage of the selective stiffness in their joints. This style seems like a stiff puppet pulled by invisible strings in every direction, the vampire moving erratically and unpredictably. All attackers who are not used to countering this style subtract 2 dice from all attacks against them. (Learning a style to counter them is a one-dot Merit.)

Wong Fung

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