Indianapolis, Indiana

Our first central location


KPLS 101.1 – The Heart of Soul

Howlin’ Dawg is a DJ here.

Northstar Building

Former base of operation of weretiger that took off into the deep umbra with an Indian girl.

Perdue University / Indiana University

Base of operations for Open Source.

Spice of India

Restaurant run by the parents of the Indian girl taken by a weretiger.

Kent Park and Kent Field

Local park and baseball field

Mystic Mushroom Pizza

Favorite pizza place of the collage crowd

Saint Mary Catholic Church

Fish Market

Raul and Gaspar frequent here.


Scifi/Fantasy convention where the Garnet Pack is renewed.

The Hydrant

Hip Flask and Happy Hour meets here often.

Parking Deck Garage

Anna Danvers owns and operates the garage in the lower level of the parking deck used by all the business in the area.

The Rack Room

Our unnamed pack meets here often. Owner/Bartender is Jerome White.

Starbucks on Baker

The barista can be a wealth of local information

Baker Street

Our unnamed pack has our haven on this street.

Roy’s All American Diner

Common meeting place between the unnamed pack and Hip Flask and Happy Hour

Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument

Place of the origin of the Garnet Pack.

Truck stop and Titty Row

South of town near the highway is a large, modern truck stop. It is clean and well run, but not free of crime or vice.

Near the truck stop is a row of strip clubs and head shops. The row is nestled between the truck stop area and some shipping warehouses.

Some of the colorfully named clubs are:

The Clam Bake
Cruisin’ Chubbys
Art’s Performing Center
The Lumber Yard
Badonkadonk Honkey Tonk

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Indianapolis, Indiana

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