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Mirrors, Monsters, and Misfits is our new World of Darkness chronicle.

The first story arc follows the adventures of the yet-unnamed Pack of Changing Breeds: Anna Danvers, Rose Snyder, Frank Marlowe, and your Storyteller, Simon Darkstep.

Our first story arc is in our Pack’s Family’s hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

There are several other factions in town that we already know about. Hip Flask and Happy Hour is a Pack of Garou. Operatsiya is a mob of Russian mafia, secretly dominated by vampires. Open Source is a Covenant of Magi with ties to Purdue University.

Our second story arc has led us to New Orleans, then to New York.

We have also had a second-arc venture back to the year AD 1016.

We know that Garou and Fera – the Therians – are beings of flesh and spirit. They make use of Essence, which is the power of Resonance between the Umbra and physical world.

Vampires draw power from the blood they consume.

Magi make use of Mana, a power mysterious to our Therian protagonists.

We will often be visiting the Umbra, so be sure to check out how to get around in it.

There are also other mysteries which we’ve stumbled across, but not yet pursued.

Main Page

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